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2015 European Baby Boomer and innovation survey (23/11/2015)

Representing 26% of the population and with the highest levels of disposable income European baby boomers (50-70 years) will continue to be a strategic target for brands. They are part of the consumer and marketing generation whose everyday life has been deeply impacted by innovations from the last 50 years. In 2015 the first of this generation celebrated their 70th birthdays and all Baby Boomers find themselves in a phase of maturity.


The first effects of ageing, children leaving home, retirement approaching all represent turning points in their lives and generate new expectations and new needs. If previous generations were resigned to these changes, Baby Boomers are ready to move the goal posts and adopt innovations which will help them to live better throughout this new phase of their life. However after many years of consuming, they will also approach innovation with the experience of savvy consumers. 


What are the objectives of the European Innovation and Baby Boomer 2015 Survey?

Designed to generate improved development of innovations which succeed with this demanding target the Survey:

  • Explores attitudes of Baby Boomers towards innovation generally speaking and with respect to a new product from a well-known brand.
  • Identifies sectors (food, leisure, sport, beauty, clothing, health, services…) within which there is an expectation of innovation and provides insights into the motivation which could lead Boomers to adopt new innovations.
  • Has a particular focus on the adoption of recent innovations.
  • Illustrates results of the Survey with an international benchmark (US and Japan) and by identifying the similarities and differences of German, French, English and Spanish Baby Boomers.

Abstract de l'étude
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