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Our mission
Seniosphere Conseil has developed a 360° expertise on the person aged 50 years to 105 years, their needs and expectations. We give you insight that goes further than your business area on cross-disciplinary subjects such as aging well or dependency and multi-sector subjects such as health, nutrition, hobbies, environment, distribution channels, innovation or transport.
Strategy and
Seniosphere Conseil works alongside you in the definition of a “Senior” strategy and assists in the development of marketing plans specific to your business area. What if integrating Seniors and Baby Boomers into your business strategy was the solution to the crisis? Learn more
Business intelligence
and international
best practices
Monitoring, benchmarking and best practices are an integral part of Seniosphere Conseil’s DNA as well as the fact that we’re international and multi-cultural.
Learn more
and creativity
Seniosphere’s workshops aim to raise your teams awareness of the opportunities offered by the Senior market and stimulate their creativity.
These workshops have proved extremely valuable when launching a product or service that has a Baby Boomer or Senior orientation. Learn more
Operational marketing
With Baby Boomers and Seniors, every detail counts. Customer relationship, distribution channels, shelf visibility, ergonomic communication tools and point of sale organization are some of the elements that need to be rethought and adapted. Learn more
Ageing Well
Attentif aux attentes spécifiques de la génération du Baby Boom face à son vieillissement, Seniosphère Conseil a mis en place dès 2008 un Observatoire dédié aux Baby Boomers et au Bien Vieillir. Learn more
les Baby Boomers
et l'Innovation
En complément de l'Observatoire du Bien Vieillir, Seniosphère Conseil analyse depuis 2013 le rapport des Baby Boomers à l'innovation, avec une approche multi-sectorielle et à l'international. Learn more
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