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Our approach
A 360° global approach of the person 50+ and seniors

The advantage of age is having had the opportunity to experience all the different facets of life. Those who are today 50 + have already seen, lived and known many life situations. This gives them a different perception not only of life events, but also of brands, products and services, this can affect the way they consume positively or negatively.

We will always bring you a 360° global approach of the person 50+ and seniors. This 360° view enables us to better understand their experience and context of consumption beyond a business sector, product or service.

To provide a better understanding of 55 + and seniors daily life experiences and to improve understanding of what aging is about Seniosphere Conseil offers its clients Seniosimulation®, an entire range of innovative age simulation tools where you put yourself “in the shoes” of a senior.

A cross sector and cross border approach

Seniosphere has developed 360° expertise on the person aged 50 years to 105 years, their needs and expectations. We offer insight that goes further than your business area on cross-disciplinary subjects such as aging well or dependency and cross -sector subjects such as health, nutrition, hobbies, environment, distribution channels or transport.

Our approach is multi-cultural and cross border. We pay particular attention to what is happening in pioneering countries such as Japan, USA, Canada and Scandinavia with regards consideration for the aging of the population.

This innovative approach centered on the senior target enables you to take a step back and better understand the experience and context of consumption of your senior target beyond a business sector, product or service.

Our know how enables us to transfer expertise from one sector to another and from one country to another which accelerates the process of innovation.

A customized response

Each product or service has a different purpose or role in the life of the 55+.Which is why we always propose a customized response aligned with your situation.

A network of the world’s best experts

We are experts when it comes strategy and marketing directed towards the person 50+ and seniors.

To enable us to respond to specialized questions that arise over the course of our missions we have put together a network of French and international experts, doctors, psychologists, sociologists, designers and universities.

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