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Webinars Baby-Boomers and Ageing Well (26/09/2023)

Seniosphère Conseil invites you to two webinars on September 19th and 26th to present its Observatory  #babyboomers et first #generationx vs #Agingwell en 2023.

Discover the latest #trends and results of our 2023 quantitative study carried out in France, as well as our international #benchmark of companies that have successfully met the expectation of Longevity and Aging Well.

This year, come and discover...
- Food choices for #agingwell
- Expenses for #agingwell
- The networks on which the first #generationx and #BabyBoomers rely to age well
- Their level of environmental concern about aging well...

To know more about our Ageing Well and Longevity observatory.

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