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2èmeVieLab, the 50-75 insights community (27/09/2022)

Seniosphère Conseil and OpinionWay have launched in March 2022  2èmeVieLab, the first permanent community of insights on 50-75 year olds, Baby-Boomers and early GenX in France:

A community of 50-75 year old consumers 100% online to :

  • Immerse yourself in the reality of this population and get to know them better
  • Refine your positioning
  • Follow the long term trends and their every day life
  • Continuously innovate in products and services


The 200 members of this permanent community are invited to

  • Spontaneously share their daily realities and thoughts
  • Answer questions every fortnight on different themes (food, socialisation, consumption, health, digital...)


Each client has access to :

  • - all the discussions
  • - 22 annual insights from the discussions
  • - the newsletter every two months

    They are able to conduct studies on an ad hoc basis at their convenience. The community is sold by subscription.

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