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Our expertise
Seniosphere is a consulting group specialized in marketing and strategy for the 50 years +; Baby Boomer and Senior market.

Pioneers in marketing and strategy consulting for this target, we have been exploring since 2006 the great phenomena of the aging of the population and the opportunities it offers for companies.

We support companies in facing the challenges that arise from aging by helping them to:

  • Measure the impact of aging on their business model, their brand portfolio or activities
  • Observe the market opportunities that arise from aging and elaborate adapted strategies
  • Create and launch innovative products and services for each segment of the target between 50 and 105 years.

We build our expertise from:

  • A 360° insight of the target and its different segments
  • A vision and knowledge of the fast evolution of the 50 years + needs, wants, difficulties and lifestyle
  • An international vision of this evolution, needs and best practices
  • From projects realized in diverse business sectors ( fast moving consumer goods, mass distribution, banking, industry or services)
  • From our participation in Think Tanks and Research Centers
  • From our international team which enables us to work in USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia and in the majority of European countries.

Our international expertise has lead our clients, mainly large international companies, to trust us and assign us projects in almost every European country including, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Germany but also further a field in Canada, United Kingdom, USA and Japan.

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