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Our network
Seniosphere Conseil has brought together a network of highly specialized experts in France, Europe, Northern America and Japan in fields such as:
  • Food, Nutrition & taste
  • New technologies
  • Design and planning of houses and stores
  • Aging, Aging Well, well-being and health

réseau future thinking Seniosphere Conseil has a privileged partnership with Future Thinking for qualitative and quantitative market studies

réseau commission européenne, vitagora, boomer authority, encore Sophie Schmitt, founder of Seniosphere Conseil, is an expert at the European Commission within DG Sanco and DG Connect for several projects on topics such as health, active aging and maintaining autonomy at home.

Seniosphere Conseil participates in professional networks such as Vitagora (Dijon, France) and Boomer Authority (US).

réseau   wbmi Seniosphere Conseil is a member of WBMI,

Seniosphere Conseil is an active member of the Silver Economy. logo silver eco

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