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Trend: Beyond Japan, China and other Asian countries' populations hit by the ageing (10/07/2018)

Many articles in the press highlight the fact that ageing concerns more and more countries in Asia and especially China and that it represents new social and medical challenges. Some of the topics are:

Asia is fast getting old before it gets rich which is the opposite in Europe and America, becoming old while rich !

- China : aging population forces government to reform health care system to maintain an affordable service 

- Aging population ends in 2040 in Germany, 2070 in China : an enormous quake in the meantime for societies !

- China is aging 2x faster than any Western country, threatening its economy. Could innovation emerge from it?

- With population rapidly aging, home care is booming in Singapore, Shanghai or Hong Kong. More in line w. culture ?

- China 4 Grand-parents-2 parents-1 child family structure threatens culture of children taking care of their parents

- China: points-based program rewards active Seniors to better use government funds & allow access to social services  

- South Korea : According to the Lancet, in 2030 South Korea women will be world leader in life expectancy at birth followed by French and Japanese women. Most Asian countries are aging rapidly and presenting many opportunities of growth related to aging

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