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The end of retirement, a strong trend in the media (15/07/2018)

Many articles around the world are dealing with the end of retirement and work beyong retirement. The articles highlight the financial need and benefit of working beyon retirement but they focus as well on the psychological and social benefits it can represent. 

- Factories to baby boomers: Please keep working! Companies are considering phased-in retirements @Washington Post

- Working past 70: Americans can't seem to retire. 65+ employed at the highest rates in 55 years, 19 % of 70-74 yrs were working, up from 11% in 1994 @Bloomberg LP

- Sharing economy: Baby Boomers look to senior concierge services to raise income @NYTimes

- Retirement idea is dying out in Japan 23% of Japanese age 65+ were working in 2016 and people working up to 85

- Delaying retirement? It's good for the mind (and probably the economy) @Deresetnews

- US : 31% of workers anticipate they will work beyond age 67. Lots of opportunity to help them age in the job

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