Take a 360° view of
Seniors and Baby Boomers
To facilitate understanding of the stakes associated with the aging consumers, we have developed specific workshops according to the issues of each client. These are intended for Senior Management, Marketing Directors, Store Directors and for Managers of regional entities.

Connaitre les baby boomers et les seniors2Taking a 360° view of the senior target will be your guarantee of achieving true innovation. The advantage of age is having had the opportunity to experience all the different facets of life. Those who are today 50 + have already seen, lived ad known many life situations. This gives them a different perception not only of life events, but also of brands, products and services, this can affect the way they consume positively or negatively.

Taking a 360° global approach of the person 50+ and seniors enables us to better understand their experience and context of consumption beyond a business sector, product or service.

The rise in life expectancy, the changes in the approach to retirement, the desire to age well, changes to family situation, aging and taking care of parents are some of the many key social factors that create new opportunities.

Baby boomers have decided to live their retirement differently to previous generations. They want to enjoy the last 20 to 30 years of their lives and age in good health. As a result of their weight and numbers in society, the consequences are important in economical areas such as housing, health, transport, regions and cities or services.

Having a thorough knowledge of this target and its needs facilitates the creation of an adapted but evolving offer.

Seniosphere has established a database of quantitative and qualitative studies of different targets and countries that enables us to expand your insight and make projects move forward quickly.
Segmenter les baby boomers et les seniors2Segmenting the target is an absolute necessity. There are few common points between a 50 year old and an elder senior.

The segmentation criteria vary across business sectors, products and countries. Age is rarely an essential factor while health, life phases and generations are determinants.
Seniosphere does not believe in a theoretical segmentation we prefer to guides you in identifying the keys to a relevant segmentation for your projects.

Early Baby Boomers born in 1946 have been retired for some years. The late Baby Boomers have reached their fifties and are experiencing the first signs of aging. These two age groups are very different even though they share the determination to age well and have all their efforts geared towards achieving this objective.

Elder seniors, who are growing in number, are the parents of the baby boomers. They experienced war and a rural country, they have worked hard. The effects of aging are strong but they generally want to stay in their homes as long as possible.

For 70 year olds, the baby boomers have indeed influenced their lifestyle and wants. They share very little with those who were 70 ten years prior.

Segmentation criteria evolve and become more complex as the influence of baby boomers’ grows. This explains the necessity of a 360° vision.

Comprendre les effets du vieillissement2We cannot emphasize enough that the effects of aging are a strong restraint to purchasing and consuming products and services .
They cannot be ignored by the teams that design products and services for consumers aged 50 years and more.

In order to help you better understand the impact of aging on your products or services, Seniosphere offers two approaches:

  • Simulation of aging

Seniosphere helps you to understand the effects of aging thanks to our range of aging simulation tools Seniosimulation®.
The best known is SAMO®, the suit that simulates aging. When wearing it, you become an elderly person. All of your senses are impaired (hearing, sight, touch, mobility) and you will live the daily difficulties of an elderly person.

We also have keener and more specialized tools such as a decreased eye sight simulator, hearing impairment simulator or a hand arthritis simulator.

For further information go to our Seniosimulation section

  • Ethnographic studies

Observing behavior through ethnographic studies realized by aging specialists is particularly enriching.

Since its creation, Seniosphere has developed an expertise in ethnographic studies on the senior target through adapted methodologies..

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