Improve your relationship
with senior clients
In order to meet baby boomers’ and seniors’ needs, it’s important to identify your target accurately. A young, active senior, a recently retired baby boomer or an elder senior are not addressed the same way.

Seniors have had 40 years of consuming, relationship and information on products and services.
Taking into consideration their special characteristics without stigmatizing is probably one of the keys for a successful senior relationship.

Besoins et spécificités des seniors2With the immense opportunities that the senior market opens, it’s important to understand the particular requirements of seniors and identify what restrains their purchases and consumption.

Aging is a progressive process that is far from being homogenous. We are not all equal when it comes to aging which creates new expectations or needs.

Changes in eyesight are one of the first signs of aging that have an effect on purchasing. Physical problems imply changes in daily life that will affect consumption.

Adapting your offering, your product or service to the special characteristics of seniors and improving the way seniors are looked after are ways to avoid being excluded from the day-to-day habits of this strategic target. Products and services where the usage has been rethought might also satisfy a younger clientele who values simplicity and ease of use.
Sensibilisation des équipes marketing & vente2To understand the stakes associated with the aging population and identify the opportunities linked to the 50 + and seniors, we have developed workshops that are specific to the problems of each client. These are intended for Senior Management, Marketing Directors, Store Directors and for the Managers of regional entities.

This awareness phase is followed by a creativity session to identify the areas of improvement, development or research.

Our Seniosimulation® tools are used during workshops to reproduce the effects of aging.
Communiquer efficacement avec les seniors2Setting up an effective communication with seniors and baby boomers requires a deep knowledge of the target you wish to reach.

Seniors have their own consumption history. The positive memories of past events can strongly influence the adoption of a product or service. Some expressions have different connotations across generation X, the baby boomer generation or the generation born before or during World War II.

Having in mind their values, being able to gain their trust to have their entire attention and using an adapted vocabulary can make all the difference.

The stakes are high! Of course, it is all about achieving efficient sales but also about establishing a long-term relationship.

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