Define a
'senior' strategy
The aging of the population offers multiple opportunities. Let’s discover and embrace them together.

The impact of aging on Western and Japanese societies is more and more visible. What about your business sector? What is the positioning of your competitors? Are there any new entrants? Our forecasting team will fast track your thoughts.

A senior project should be perfect from every angle. We will help you in the creation and definition of your new proposition by taking into consideration all dimensions: brand portfolio, product conception, points-of-difference, distribution channels, packaging and communication.

Certain countries and societies are particularly innovative and dynamic in responding to the aging of the population. Seniosphere Conseil is your innovation accelerator. Our team will discover and decode innovative practices relevant to your organization.

Définir une stratégie seniors2Seniosphere guides you :

  • In defining strategy of your company with respect to the aging of the population (new business model, brand portfolio, products, distribution, innovation….)
  • In analyzing the strategy of your European and international competitors
  • In auditing your senior customer relationship
  • In creating new brands, a new positioning, new products or services
  • In evaluating your existing products and services or the adequacy of points of sale.
When wanting to define a senior strategy for your company, it’s important to take a 3 – 5 years perspective at the least.

Veille et prospective2Certain business sectors such as transport have already been heavily affected. Others are just at the beginning.

What about your market? How are your competitors positioning themselves? Are there any new entrants?

Are there any disruptive innovations? Are there any significant improvements that have been released by laboratories?

Our team accelerates your thoughts.

We closely follow all the relevant subjects related to the aging of the population that will have an impact on new products and services for the 50 years + and seniors:

  • Food, nutrition, good health and health
  • New technologies and robotics
  • Evolution of cities, shopping centers, transport and housing
Définir un nouveau projet ou une nouvelle offre2When launching a project for baby boomers or seniors, it’s important to be well-informed as to the special characteristics and needs of this target or more precisely of these targets.

Seniosphere will assist you in determining the perimeter of a senior project , accurately defining and segmenting the target and including as appropriate the special characteristics of this target in order to achieve the right positioning.

Our deep knowledge of seniors and baby boomers will enable us to guide you through the development of your innovative project or service and its successful launch, while paying close attention to any detail that has an effect on the adoption of a product or service.

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