Make your offer 'senior friendly'
We can never stress enough the fact that the effects of aging are a strong restraint to the purchase and consumption of products and services.

The first signs of aging appear at around 45 to 47 years with presbyopia. With time, these signs amplify and become cumulative. Every sense and function is affected, some quicker than others, some more impacted than others.

Having a “senior friendly” product means avoiding a stigmatizing product, large size print or big function keys.

Having a “senior friendly” product eliminates purchasing or consumption barriers for the those 50+, having products and services in the right distribution channels and having claims that respond to the needs of the target and most probably to younger targets as well!

Rendre votre offre Senior friendly2Making your offer 'senior friendly' means eliminating purchasing or consumption barriers around your product or service for the 50+ consumer. Ensuring that your product is in the right distribution channels and that its claims respond to the needs of this target.

Every detail is important since it may become a barrier for your customers: packaging that doesn’t stand out, incorrect positioning or low visibility on the shop shelves….

Everything is important in creating a “senior friendly” environment.

The design of the product is essential. Too many products are not used because they have been designed for clients in the prime of life.

Making your product “senior friendly” does not mean ugly, stigmatizing, or with large numbers.
A product can be intended for a 50 + clientele, simplify their life whilst being beautiful, design, attractive and usable for every generation.

An adapted design is essential but not enough. The product or service should add-value and satisfy a need.
Seniors are informed consumers. A product that does not fulfill its claims will not be repurchased.

At Seniosphere, we have the expertise and the know-how to help you make “senior friendly” every component of your product range.
Imaginer un packaging « senior friendly »2Making packaging 'senior friendly' is a difficult task since it takes into consideration numerous elements. It becomes essential to eliminate the barriers to the adoption of a product, to its use and repurchase.

During our revision missions to obtain a 'senior friendly' packaging, we use our expertise but also two of our aging simulation tools:

  • Visu, our simulation tools for eyesight alterations that arise from natural aging enables us to simulate your products or packaging as perceived by a person whose eyesight has been affected by age.
  • Arthro, our simulation tool that simulates difficulties experienced by seniors suffering from hand arthrosis.
repenser la stratégie de distribution2The departure of children from the family home and the transition to retirement result in deep changes to everyday habits, in particular to where shopping is carried out. With a senior strategy, it becomes essential to rethink the distribution channels of your product.

Adapted services can also be set up to facilitate the life of those millions of loyal consumers. Their characteristics may be different to the ones intended for a younger clientele.

At Seniosphere Conseil, we help you to increase the performance of your distribution and optimize the contacts you might have with this target.
Adapter les circuits de distribution et lieux de vente à la cibleGenerally, the traditional distribution points such as super-stores (hypermarkets) are less well adapted for a customer base that is getting older.

The scale of the point of sale, access to products, readability of information…. All are purchase barriers for seniors!

Rendering a selling point “senior friendly” is not discriminating. This also makes shopping easier for other consumer categories such as young mothers with children.

At Seniosphere Conseil, we perform audits of your selling points with an objective of making them “senior friendly”. We raise awareness of department managers to the special characteristics of this target with our aging simulation tools that enables you to put yourself “in the shoes” of your customers.

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