Age Simulation
Seniosphere's mission is to assist companies, municipalities, nursing homes, assisted living and research institutes, to improve their knowledge and understanding of clients aged 50+ and accelerate the development of an adapted offer.

Whether your clients are:
  • young seniors or baby boomers who are starting to feel the effects of aging and changing needs
  • more mature seniors, 65 years and over, who need products and services that are adapted
  • older seniors, in retirement homes or nursing homes who are looking for comfortable solutions adapted to their stage of life taking into consideration their growing difficulties.

Seniosphere offers its clients 360° knowledge of the person 50 years and over and a fine analysis of the needs, expectations, desires and difficulties faced by the different groups of seniors.

What distinguishes them from younger generations is their daily experience with aging which intensifies with the years. To better understand these difficulties Seniosphere offers its clients the opportunity to use a large range of age simulators. These simulators represent a new approach to the senior target. They enable you to put yourself in the shoes of a senior person to improve understanding and promote the development of innovative solutions.

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